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Trying to do business without advertising is like winking at your customers in the dark!

We know you want more customers.  We know you want to show your current customers how much you appreciate their loyalty.  We also know you sometimes worry about where your next customer is going to come from and that you sometimes wake up in the middle of the night thinking you might not make it if business does not improve soon!  In other words, you are winking at your customers in the dark!  Express ProMotifs, Inc. has your answer!

A recent survey of business Travelers at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, conducted by LJ Market Research, reveals the true power of promotional products.   The results showed decisively that promotional products work better than even print ads.  In fact, the study showed that the respondents' ability to recall the name of an advertiser on a promotional product they had received was 76 percent in comparison to their ability to recall the name of an advertiser from a print publication they had read in the past week (53.5 percent). What's more, 71 percent of travelers indicated they had received at least one promotional product in the last 12 months, and recalled what it was and who gave it to them!

Whose name are your customers going to remember?

At Express ProMotifs, Inc., we know how to make sure that your company name is foremost in paying customers thoughts.

We have the power to combine our strong local presence with a worldwide selection of promotional products that meet not only your branding needs, but can be fully tailored to meet your budget requirements as well.

We do that through personal one-on-one Express Strategy? Sessions and draw on the strength of the Press-a-Print International Network of over 4,000 independent operators ready to provide you the best in customized marketing solutions.

We personally understand your desire to use custom-imprinted products for effective promotion of your company, team or club. We also understand that when you need it, you need it now.  Our unique capability to print in both large to very small quantities from our own in-house equipment guarantees quick turnaround, something not available anywhere else. Moreover, for larger production requirements, we have direct access through the Press-a-Print Network to the industry's largest, most trusted manufacturers.

This unique synergy allows us to tailor a world of promotional options and on-target marketing solutions that produce results for your individual needs. Professional promotion options for your company include:

    -  A thorough evaluation of your audience and marketing objectives

    -  Development of an effective theme and detailed plan of action

    -  A search of extensive promotional database to match imprinted items that best execute your new plan

    -  Support and follow-up for the success of your promotional plan from start to finish

You know that promotional products deliver lasting value and impact that conventional advertising just cannot provide. Survey after survey shows that long after an advertising message disappears, promotional items imprinted with your logo or message are still bringing in new customers.  This is exactly what makes promotional items far more cost-effective and accessible than conventional advertising methods. 

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, a small business, or a nonprofit organization, you know you need imprinted promotional products and Express ProMotifs offers that effective marketing solution appropriate for you.

For your convenience, please use the Products tab above to browse or search the more than 500,000 items in our current collection.  Alternatively, for that more personal approach, check out our "What'll Yours Say?" website featuring LogoStudio® where you can upload your logo and see a representation of how it looks on your selection. 

It is time to stop winking at your customers in the dark!  Make your message foremost in their thoughts by contacting us today, before your competition does.

Lee Reedy
Media Strategist

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